I'll be showing my 'Camp Lamp' as part of the Makers & Bakers exhibition curated by Ambra Medda at Mosa / Galleria Rossana Orlandi next week in Milano. 


Vienna Design Week / Passionswege 2015

Stephanie Hornig (AT/UK) with Robert Roth/Wiener Geflecht

Fr 25.09.–Su 4.10.2015

After years of practicing his actual profession, the architect Robert Roth decided to make his hobby his job. He was one of the few people who had mastered the craft of the “Wiener Geflecht”, the Viennese handicraft of cane weaving, which had become widespread in seating furniture ever since the Biedermeier era and especially through Michael Thonet, who came to Vienna around 1850. For her Passionswege project the Austrian designer Stephanie Hornig, who lives in London, opted for a rather unusual processing technique in Viennese cane-weaving. Instead of hard materials such as metal and wood for her frames, she chooses flexible and yet stable materials such as leather and textile, which greatly accentuate the lightness of this form of cane-weaving.